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Mutual model versions simultaneously on one license - possible?

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Mutual model versions simultaneously on one license - possible?



I have the Autodesk building design suite.

I’m working in an architectural company and we have a license server.

I’m working on several projects that go in different Revit versions. Upgrading a model to a newer version is, as we know, a big issue when working with many collaborators. It is not a solution to upgrade all models to the latest version.

My problem is that I have to close one project to open up another in a different version. That goes for all programs in the building design suite in a certain version - Mostly Revit, Autocad, Navisworks, etc.

I find myself using half my day closing and opening projects in order to solve small tasks in different model versions, because I can’t obtain more than one license at a time.

Do we have to buy extra licenses just for spare, to solve this issue?


DesignGroup Architects A/S

Anders Ørum
Architectural Technology and Construction Management

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yes you are simply running out of licenses due to how Autodesk designed how their licenses work

if you need multiple versions open at the same time of any of the products inside of the suite this will consume muiltple licenses

this is as designed

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