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Multiple Versions Open & C4R

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Multiple Versions Open & C4R

<start rant>


I know this is a known issue, but I still can't get past the notion that accidentally opening 2017 while having a 2016 C4R model open renders the file you are in useless.  To me it is utterly absurd and without question the worst thing (and there are many) about working with cloud hosted models.


It takes upwards of 10 minutes to open this 2016 file.  Had families, other referring projects and a test project open as well.  Accidentally hit the 2017 icon on my windows taskbar.....poof....boom....can't sync.  Can't sign out.  Can't sign back in.  Can't relinquish elements.  Now I have to close everything down and open it all back up, just to sync.


Oh and I really need to upgrade an old project too.  Can't let the upgrade run in the background now either.  Because once again, as soon as i hit 2017, 2016 is dead.  So much for being efficient and multi-tasking.... so so dumb.


<end rant>



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