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Multiple small projects on single building: best strategy

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Multiple small projects on single building: best strategy

I read through this forum and google, but didn;t find a good answer.

what I try to do is to perform multiple designs on one building more efficiently.

for small projects (i.e. small lighting replacement, small HVAC etc.) I spend a large amount of time to model the building that is needed for the actual project.

What I envision is to have one sort of master model of the building (with all as-is walls, floors, doors, windows, stairs and whatever is needed).

Once I have a small project (i.e. a lighting project in a few rooms). I start a new project just for that, link that master model in my project so I have all my walls etc. already ready. then I create my views, design, sheets etc. in that new project model and have that bid/constructed.

So with one building I would keep a masterfile up to date over the life of the building ad for each project I only need to model what actually is added with that project.


So far I think I know how to do that as long as I only change items that are not part of the master project (in my example I do a lighting project, but didn't have light fixtures in my master model). I'm not clear how I would do that if I had to replace a window that was in my master model.


After the project is completed and I have as-builts, I would like to transfer that information (i.e. new ceiling in new height, new fixtures) in my master model so that future projects start out with that new actually existing equipment. Not sure how to effectively do that. I could link that project into the master file and copy/monitor... but that seems cumbersome.


While researching this I came across a nice method (by user laurasmagin) that I first though may help, but don't really think helps me in my case. I also try to avoid to design (change things, create vies, and sheets) in one file since I kind of do that at the same time.


I also had met with some reps of the local Adesk reseller, but they didn't give me something specific.  

Revit version: R2024.2
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Have you tried setting up multiple phases in your "master" File. I am not sure why you don't want to do everything in the same file? You could also use design options for small projects going on at the same time. 

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in reply to: andrewrider

The problem with multiple phases is that I would have sheets of all the projects in one model, and would have many views. Over the life of a building it may have hundreds of small projects, that seems to get confusing quickly. Also not sure about how much resources the file would take.


Same for options, It would be a huge unmanageable model with all the views and sheets of past projects. the little work I did with options taught me they use a lot of resources as well. and one can get confused and accidentally design in the wrong option....


Another problem is when a project is designed by a different person or an outside consultant. I wouldn't want all people work in the same model in case they break something. they may also use different parameters, schedules etc.

Revit version: R2024.2

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