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Multiple issues with Revit

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Multiple issues with Revit



I am teaching a class at the university and my students have run into a couple of issues.


We have made sure that everyone has access to collaboration for Revit through the school but for some reasons now after having installed Revit 2018 they no longer see their projects? One of my student is also not able to set any materials to the layers, they are all without materials and when he tries to access the material editor nothing happens. 


Is there anyone who has an idea about what to do?

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Also how do we get the Revit steel connectionx to work on the computers? For some it works and for others it doesnt

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Thank you for taking your time to post this on the forum,


The BIM360 reader in Revit does only display projects that are created in the same release - which is, among other reasons, designed to prevent users from accidentally upgrading a project. If they want to upgrade a 2017 project and have it available in 2018 they would need to detach it from the Cloud, and run an upgrade locally - and it's recommended to always have Audit checked on upgrades. 

Hope it makes sense otherwise let me know and I will clarify further, 


As to your two other questions: 


1: I would make sure that you have the material library installed - which can be done by checking in the Programs and Features list. If it's not there you should add it by running the Revit installer - if it is installed I would add "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Autodesk Shared\Materials\Textures\1\Mats" in the "Additional Rendering Paths" which is located in the options settings. Alternatively make sure Revit is launched with admin rights. 


2: Make sure that the Revit Steel Connections package is installed - I think there's a good chance that's the problem but let me know if otherwise! 

Jacob Westergaard

Autodesk Premium Support Team
AEC Premium Support Services
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Thank you very much !! It is great to see you taking our next generation seriously! 

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