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Multilingual project

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Multilingual project

There's there to your attention an incompatibility issue that each discipline (structure and architecture) build their respective model in a different language, eg .: architecture in french and structure in english?
If yes, which ones?
Thank you.

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in reply to: GuyChap

Wow fantastic problem to have!

This is about communication. You should establish languages at the start of the project. I assume the client has requested deliverable in a specific format so that may force the decision.

If teams are collaborating from different regions you should agree on a common language. While the application install may be in a specific language the deliverable should be consistent.

Words are not the same as dimension, we can have both Metric and imperial shown. I don't know a way to do this with text. A translation may result in loss of the actual written meaning.

I would be interested to see if anyone out there ahs a solution, but sadly I'm not confident there is one.
Give me Kudos or mark as a solution if this helps

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