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Mr. Rajesh


the file names of linked files are changing automatically after you load from BIM 360 see the image below. please help.


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Hi @suryanarayana.rajesh,


Nice to meet you and welcome to the forum!


It looks like the link path refers to local temp files and their GUIDs numbers. This may be caused by temporary problems with cloud services or lack of Internet connection.


I suggest that you should reloaded the links from Autodesk Desktop Connector again by using the Reload From... button and then save the model. Are you using the current Autodesk Desktop Connecter version


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Thanks for the update, i have to check the information's you provided. 




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@suryanarayana.rajesh thanks for update!


If my previous suggestions do not help, I have a second idea. 


Close all Revit sessions then type %Temp% in File Explorer and delete all files.


After that try to rename the CollaborateCache folder to e.g. _CollaborateCache. It is located in: %localappdata%\Autodesk\Revit\Autodesk Revit <version>\




After renaming the folder, you can try again to make Reload From...  I am waiting for your confirmation if my suggestions have helped.


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