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Moving / Renaming server name

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Moving / Renaming server name



I don't know if it is the right board, but I have a question about Revit. I'm not a Revit user, but It-administrator.


We have a couple of thousands revit file on a UNC share on a server. We have replaced the old server with a new server and it is given a new name.

All files have been copied to the new server.


Now when we open a Revit file we are told that it looks like it has been moved from "\\OLDFS" to \\NEWFS" for all files, and it want to us to resave the file.

Only thing is that the file we need to save it to is the file we have open.


Is there a program from Autodesk that support changing the UNC path of all projects? or do we have to manually copy each file to desktop, open it and save it to original location?


Kind regards


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So far I haven't seen a program/addon that can solve your problem. Try the autodesk app exchange.


If your revit file is being workshared then It will save the UNC path on the file itself, so upon when creating a local file, the local file knows on where to syncronize. If you copy/move your file on a different path then that revit cental file becomes a local file and need to be save as a central file. Sorry for the bearer of bad news. 


read here

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We decided to make a refference (CNAME) from the old server to the new server, so all Revit users now uses the old servername! It's a bad solution but currently the only one we could think of.

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