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Most projects unavailable for 2018.2

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Most projects unavailable for 2018.2

We're starting the upgrade from Revit 2016 to 2018.2 and I'm unable to upload to any of our projects with the exception of 1. We currently have 6 projects on C4R, all working fine with 2016 but when I try to open or upload, only one of those projects is showing up in the lists in 2018 in Open and Collaborate in Cloud.


I've seen a workaround to publish/download one of our 2016 models and then open locally in 2018 to upload, but I'm still not seeing any of the other project folders. Specifically, we have a folder to use for internal testing and that's where I need to send my model.


I'm assuming the projects are tagged with a version number - we need to be able to change that number.


Thanks for any advice you can give us.



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You’re correct that BIM 360 Team project folders used by Collaboration for Revit (C4R) are based on Revit version number.  So the first cloud model from Revit associated with that particular project folder locks-in-the-Revit-version-number of that folder.  So if you have a folder being used with Revit 2016 C4R, then that is a Revit 2016 folder only (as far as C4R cloud models are concerned). If you try to get access to that BIM 360 Team folder from a different release version of Revit, that BIM 360 folder should not even appear in the Open dialog. This is currently how it works.


So to upgrade an existing C4R project from Revit 2016 to Revit 2018, it’s not a matter of trying to get the existing 2016 folder to be reassigned to Revit 2018. It’s a matter of creating a new BIM 360 Team folder for the Revit 2018 version of that project.


A more detailed workflow of how to get a Revit 2016 C4R project successfully upgraded to a 2018 C4R project is outlined step-by-step in this article: Collaboration for Revit: How to upgrade models


I hope that helps!


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Martin Stewart
AEC Support Specialist
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Thanks for the link to the article - very helpful!




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