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Model links not updating / corrupt syncing

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Model links not updating / corrupt syncing

I have a large C4R project that is having an issue.


When I open the model or even sync it does does not show the latest version of the link. You have to manually reload links.

also, if one team member manually reloads the most recent version and syncs it in, when other team members sync, it will not only not show the new version on their screens, it will actually corrupt their sync with a bunch of errors as if the link is completely missing (aka the structural model which was bounding some of our rooms will error and say rooms have blown up and act like it doesnt exist, curtain wall which we dimensioned to will act like the data that the dimension string was associated with does not exist and blow up)

We have a work around but I need to know what is happening because this sucks.
The work around - one member reloads the link and syncs, the next will reload latest, reload the link, sync, and so on until all 14 members have the correct link

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in reply to: pt

Hi PT, 


This is the first time that happens in this project?


I'm asking 'cause maybe the problem is due to the outage on the BIM360 service and C4R.


You could check the status here: and check if the service you're using is working properly.


I had a lot of problems on past weekend and yesterday worknig on my C4R projects.


If not is the first time, more information will be apprecciatte, 



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in reply to: ndavidch


It has been happening for a while, but the first time we could not sync because of it was on July 14th. It was the first time that we had dimensioned to the link model. The links not updating upon opening the model has been ongoing for as long as we can remember. We have a team member who was working off of a month old structural model, and some team members working off of curtain-wall that was a few weeks old. The links do not automatically refresh upon opening the model. The only way to see anything new is to manually reload each link. If one team member reloads the latest link, and the other 13 members have old data showing on their screens. When they sync, their Revit cannot rectify the discrepancies between the two and the link acts like it is missing. With the links missing, we get errors that will not allow us to sync -- thus creating a circular issue where nobody can relinquish, nobody can sync, and nobody can reload links. 



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in reply to: pt

which version of Revit are you using.

2017 and 2018 have known issues within C4R


Ensure that the your network security is not blocking the connection:
Collaboration for Revit: Proxy Server and domain exceptions for Autodesk A360 services

Ensure that the latest version of the Collaboration for Revit add-in is loaded:
2015: Autodesk A360 Collaboration for Revit 2015
2016: Autodesk A360 Collaboration for Revit 2016

2017: There is no separate C4R installer with the 2017 version, ensure the program is updated to the latest version.
Check if there is a service degradation or outage on the Health Dashboard (for the Collaboration for Revit service)



another thing to check is confirm all users are in the lates Build of Revit 

REVIT 2016 Build version.PNG

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thank you
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in reply to: kadmonkee

We are working in 2016 C4R with the latest build. 

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in reply to: massarj

So this support issue has been sent to the development team.

Defect ID: HLM-925 whatever that means. 

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