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Missing many elements and cannot be opened

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Missing many elements and cannot be opened

We have attempted to open a file in the Revit Cloud Worksharing environment. We received the error "The model is missing many elements, and it cannot be opened". I have tried opening with audit without any success. Looking for a way to get back up and running.

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in reply to: shawn

Hi @shawn


It would be good to try this solution related to corrupt families found in following article as it may lead to a solution for you. See: Cannot open file with audit in Revit


If you have not already done so, I would suggest verifying that all of the users interacting with the model are updated to the latest build of Revit. See: How to tie the Build number with the Revit update


This missing elements error can be associated with software updates needing to be applied. See: Many missing elements in Revit 2017 or later model


I'd also recommend that the user temp directory be cleared regularly. Revit uses this directory and when it gets too bloated, Revit performance can be impacted or other unexpected behaviors.  So first close Revit and your other applications. Then in Windows File Explorer, type %TEMP% for the path. Select all and delete. SKIP any files that Windows doesn't want to delete.


To get to work on the model, you could consider recovering a working backup file. See: Recover a Workshared File However,  as preventive measure, it would still be good to isolate the cause of the error message using the above resources.


Please select the Accept as Solution button if my post solves your issue or answers your question. Likes welcome.


Kelsey Skaug
Autodesk Technical Support
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in reply to: Kelsey.S

For now, we were able to open up one of the user's local file. We rolled back the cloud model a few versions without any luck. We are going to work with this model on our local server for the time being and re-upload to the cloud once we verify it is has all of the elements we need.

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