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missing collaborate button

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missing collaborate button

Can someone help with this?
I don't have "Collaborate" button on any of my Revit products. what could be reason. and what is the solution?


Thank you,

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in reply to: MJAIT

  1. Reset the Revit User Interface by deleting the UIState.dat file in the location below: 

    %APPDATA%\Autodesk\Revit\ <Revit Version> 2015 
  2. If that doesn't work you may have to reinstall C4R
  3. In some cases 1 & 2 didn't work for me so I had to use the clean uninstall procedure and then reinstall the Revit.
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I had this issue beforte and realized that depends on the Revit Version you are using the collaborate button might appear before or after making a model central. In 2018, collaborate button appears before, in 2014 on the other hand the button appears after worksharing and centralizing model. 

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