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Material and Material assets

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Material and Material assets

Hi everyone


a couple of my classmates and I have set up a LAN at our residence and we are collaborating using file based question is related to materials and material assets created on local models...


i read somewhere here that when transferring the model to a different workstation using usb or external drive (sometimes) not all materials and assets are transferred with the model and one would need to copy the material library with it which got us a little bit confused. On a file based worksharing


  1. are materials and material assets created on local model transferred to the central when syncing?
  2. is there a way to have a central materials and assets library on our server? If yes; How can we set up our Revit on the local workstations to point to those files and save to them?
  3. do we need or is it better to have Revit or any other application also installed on the local server to manage things on the central or is it sufficient to do it through one of the workstations?

thanks in advance



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in reply to: JasonLLINDNER

1. 2. The default material you have no issues with. Those should be the same for all users as well as the server. What you need to watch out for are the user created materials and namely those with images/textures (normally reside on local machines under C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Autodesk Shared\Material\...). To have them properly shared; you need to create a shared user library on your server and a shared textures folders where newly created materials and their textures can be stored therein.

3. I would personally prefer Revit Server workshare over a File Based...but no you do not necessarily need any additional apps than what is already provided by Autodesk Revit. There are some 3rd party apps that would help you manage you models but as a student you don't or shouldn't really need any. You should be good as is.

...I don't know any specific links on file based ws other than those provided by Autodesk...I guess there isn't much out there cuz it's pretty much basic...

Good luck n cheers

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