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Marine 3D Laser Scan Model

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Marine 3D Laser Scan Model


I would appreciate some advice or suggestions from any forum contributors please.

While I would consider 3D laser scanning as a method more widely used in the building or construction industry, I am in the process of preparing this method in our work which is ship marine maintenance.
My question is that our particular survey will provide the exchange format in Autodesk Revit 2020, which is the building industries standard software. My work does not use or need this particular software, and is a considerable expense to have for this purpose.
We use Inventor amongst other Autodesk products and are aware that from version 2019 onward, can open Revit Project Files (*.rvt)
For my situation, can anyone identify that Recap is a more practical viewer or advise what Autodesk Viewer to consider. 
Niall Rasmussen

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