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Managing C4R Model links on A360

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Managing C4R Model links on A360

Hey Peoples, and Bim overloards. 

I have a question which I am having difficulty finding the answer to. We currently do all our work in C4R, due to people in remote locations, when we get models from other disciplins I always follow the same proceedure to upload a model to A360, but I usually get 1 of 2 results. In the project folder under "Type" I either get "Cloud Revit Model" or "Revit Files". Now I follow the exact same procedures so I am unsure whats causing the diffrent results. I have also noticed "Cloud Revit Models" are 0K in size and do not allow me to "Upload New Version". This is only possible with "Revit Files" Can anyone explain whats going on here? 


Much Thanks


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in reply to: sheard4EAGU

First delete old revit linked model from - Manage A360 Models and then upload new version of linked model. let me know if this works. Thanks!

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in reply to: sheard4EAGU

I have been searching for the best workflow regarding this also. When I follow the steps you outlined though I then have to go into all of the host models and Reload From, even if the new files are named the same as the previous. This has become very problematic as the project I am testing c4r on is broken into 6 host models and around a dozen links.

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