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Manage Cloud Models Interface

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Manage Cloud Models Interface



So I have full admin rights on our A360 team hub, my project and associated cloud-based models are visible and can be edited on A360.  I can also add/remove people from the hub so I know my admin rights are correct.


However, when attempting to upgrade my model from R17 to R18 via the Manage Cloud Models Interface dialogue the project is not visible.  My other projects on A360 are visible but these just contain non-cloud based models. 


Before attempting to upgrade I have published the R17 models to A360, downloaded them and run through the Etransmit process to upgrade them.  


Anyone any ideas?


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Hi Nathaniel,


In the Revit 2018/ Manage Cloud Model you can see projects from your hub that were saved with Revit 2018 version. If the files were saved with the version 2017, then they shouldn't appear in the Manage Cloud Model opened from 2018 version. 

You may need to initiate a new cloud worksharing from the updated 2018 model onto the hub and this (2018) file should then appear in the Manage Cloud Model interface.



Orsolya Balazs
Product Support Analyst - AEC
Autodesk, Inc.

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