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Major Syncing issues

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Major Syncing issues



We have been working on a live model for a project for the last 5 months and recently we have been getting strange errors while working/opening the model. I’ve attached screenshots of the errors to this email that me and other team members that work on this project have been getting continuously. This is slowing us down since more than 5 people work simultaneously in this project and we are required to sync 3 to 5 times a day. We have tried researching but so far haven’t been able to find any solution. These error incidents started a couple of weeks ago, when on opening our model, it said that the userid had to sync the model for you to open. That user ID had not opened the model since past one month. However, we made him open the model and sync it, after that we were able to open the model. The next day we found out that for user 1 was not able to open because user 2 has to sync and user 2 was not able to open because user 1 had to sync. None of us were able to open the model. As a result, we had to open the model without any links using just 1 workset, firstly, we tried force relinquish but that did not work. Ultimately, we had to restore the model to open it. Since then, we have been facing a lot of weird errors.


We are losing a lot of time because of facing these errors. Request to please take this ticket on urgent basis.


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Hi Rehan


Welcome to the Revit Cloud Worksharing Forum!


However, to create a support request with Autodesk, please visit


(This is a community Revit discussion forum--not where support 'tickets' are created).



Martin Stewart
AEC Support Specialist
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We too are suffering a very similar issue. I'd go further to add that in order for our second user to sync, user 1 has to shut down their local file before user 2 can sync and continue, as requesting/granting does not work. So if a solution arises on this thread, I'd like to learn more.


This is time consuming and we follow this shutdown process 4-5 times a day.




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@susanMY7ZE have you tried cleaning your bim collaboration cache files and temp files? And also please make sure that all the team members are on the same Revit version.

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hi rehan,


each and every person should use different workset  its rectify your error.


the main reason for this error same element touch no of person in single project..

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Now that I haven't tried. How does one do that? Also, does every user involved need to do it?



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