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Local File Problems

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Local File Problems

I have been having an issue in our office over the past few days regarding the creation of local files from a central file saved to a shared sever on site. 


We very recently updated our server and as a result have had to move all existing files from the old server to the new server. I am aware that after moving the central file or changing its path a new central file needs to be saved before making changes.


I have tried creating a new save of a model we have been working on to correct the path and to create a new local to see if that would remedy the issue. However, I was unsuccessful and received this message: 




As well as creating a local file from the server I also tried to save a completly new project as a central file on my server and on my personal local desktop and create a local file from this and again was unsuccessful. It had been working perfectly fine, even after we switched servers, and suddenly this started to happen.


Hopefully someone will be able to help with this issue or knows of a way to fix this problem.



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Hi Philip,


Before you resave the central file in the new location; make sure you open the file and check "Detach from Central" and then SaveAs in the new location.

1. Select 'old' central-file, check "Detach from Central"

2. SaveAs - save to the new location


Also make sure that when you open the file on the client for the first time, that "Create New Local" is checked in the open-dialog (or delete any local files from the previous central, they are in the windows document folder and are named the same as the central with the username appended)

1. File-Open

2. Select the central file and make sure "Create New Local" is selected. (only 1st time)


If this is not working for you, could you please post a journal file from when you try to open the central.....

Lars-Ake Johansson
Sr. SQA Engineer
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Thank you for your response I will give this a try and let you know if it solves my issue.



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in reply to: philkav91



I have tried to solve this issue by the means that you (Lars) have suggested. 


Still not able to create local file from a save central.


I have tried to create a completly new fresh project from scratch created a few worksets and saved it as a central file. When trying to open a new local file from this I still got the error message:


Step 1.. Create new Local file from saved central. Box Checked.

Capture 1.PNG


Step 2 Error message


Capture 2.PNG


This is still the case for all other previously saved central files. None are able to create a Local file at the present time.


You (Lars) suggested I post a "journal file from when you try to open the central..."  Where would one find this journal file??



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- Open up the Windows File Explorer (not Internet explorer) 

- Go to C:\Users\Your login name 

- If you see a folder here that is named ‘AppData’, open it. 


If you don’t see ‘AppData’, go up to the address bar in explorer and click in it on an empty space  

Type “\AppData” (without quotes) after the text that are already in there (e.g. making the entire path ‘C:\Users\[your login name]\AppData’) and press Enter 


- Continue clicking down Local Autodesk Revit -Autodesk Revit [your Revit-flavor] 2014[or 2013/2012] - Journals 

- In this folder you should see a lot of files named Journal.####.txt (where #### is a sequential number) 

(If you don’t see the journals here, try ‘Roaming’ instead of ‘Local’ in the path above.) 


Please attach them as files to the post, not text.



Please refer to the following documents regaring Revit Journal-files:

Lars-Ake Johansson
Sr. SQA Engineer
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BTW: Your 'central' file should be in a network location as well not on the desktop on a local system..... It cannot be shared from this location.


A central file needs to be saved in a sharable location when it's saved.


To do this with your current central files (or to move a central form one location to another):

1. File-Open

2. In the open dialog, select the file and make sure "Detatch from Central" is checked

3. SaveAs. Save the file in it 'final' destination on th network

4. Close the file


5. Next time you try to open the file, it should automaticly select "create local" when you select the central file.......


Lars-Ake Johansson
Sr. SQA Engineer
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Regardless of where I save the central file whether it be on my local desktop or on our shared server the result is the same. The process I have taken is as follows.


Step one: Create a simple project file


 Capture A.PNG


Step Two: Create worksets in the file in order to save the file as a local.


Capture B.PNG


Step 3: Worksets Created.


Capture C.PNG


Step 4: Save file as a Central file on shared server (or Desktop)


Capture D.PNG


Step 5: Close down revit completely and re launch programme. Click application button - Open - Folder Location - Central File Name.


Capture E.PNG


Step 6: Ensure create new Local file box is ticked. Click open 


Capture F.PNG


Step 7: Error Message:


Capture G.PNG


I have attached my journal File to this post Journal 12 would be me creating the central file project and Journal 13 would be me trying to open the local file. Hopefully that can help with the issue.





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in reply to: philkav91



When we've had this error dialog in the past, it's usually been because the user couldn't write / overwrite the local file in the given location. 


The error in Journal 13 says:


' 0:< createRelatedFile error 5 failed to copy [G:\Revit\CENTRAL FILE TEST 11-03-2016\TEST PROJECT CENTRAL FILE AA.rvt] to [\\dc1.keenanlynch.local\Home\office5\My Documents\TEST PROJECT CENTRAL FILE AA_philip.rvt]



Are you able to access \\dc1.keenanlynch.local\Home\office5\My Documents\, and create a file there? If there's already a local file called "TEST PROJECT CENTRAL FILE AA_philip.rvt" in there, delete or rename it and try again.


Kind regards,



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in reply to: DavidWoodCT



You seem to have solved my issue. Thank you for your response. The path to my local files was referencing an old profile I had been using previously on my PC as you suggested. A quick switch of the path (in the options menu from the application drop down) from the old to the new profile worked a treat.


Thanks for your help.



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