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Load as Group from A360

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Load as Group from A360

I'm modeling a bunch of hotel rooms types with the same toilet room file.

every time i load the hotel room files into my main project i get errors that the file cant load because its open in another file when nothing else is open.

i have the toilets ATTACHED to the hotel room files, and then link the hotel room files into the main file and then copy the rooms multiple times. this way i only have to edit 1 toilet room instead of multiple toilet rooms. seemed easy enough


so i tried to do LOAD AS GROUP, but the files I'm working on are on A360, and that doesn't show up when i try to do this operation.


very frustrating when something so simple doesn't work

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Hello Jonathan,


My name is Riccardo. I am a Revit specialist.


In order to better investigate your issue I would appreciate if you could provide me a screenshot of all the error messages you get as you try to  load the model. 


If I do not hear from you within 2 business days, I will archive the case. Despite of it, if you have any additional questions or concerns you can still post them here.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation. 


Best regards,

Riccardo Evangelista
Autodesk Revit Technical Support

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