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Linking to an uploaded model

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Linking to an uploaded model

I've set up a BIM 360 Documents Manager site for a project being done in 2018.

I've set up the Teams/Companies and folders and Permissions I believe correctly.

Everyone has their own folder.  

I've have account permissions, so in theory I should have permissions to do anything I need to.

I have a consultant that has chosen to upload a model to the 360 project site via the web, not Revit, as they have chosen not to use that platform.  I've gone into their folder on the collaboration tab and set up a package.  I've shared that package with those files they've uploaded.  I've then gone into my teams site and selected that package and consumed it.  However when I'm in my revit model that is hosted on the 360 site, I don't have any ability to link to it.

I thought we had the option to do this?  Or does the model have to be hosted live on the 360 site in order to have that option?

Thanks in advance. 

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Hey there,


We are having a similar issue where we are unable to add links from the project location on BIM 360 Cloud.

ie. The .rvt files just don't show up in the 'Add link' dialog in the project file location in BIM 360 CLoud.

This is stopping us from having a static path to the links and therefore we are unable to have links loaded in from all our working hubs.


Our work around for now is to link a local file, save locally for the day and only syncronise to central at the end of the day. But of course this is inherintly a bad idea for coordination purposes.


Please Can we get a response to this thread as soon as possible...

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Hi There,


We managed to fix our issue.

There is an additional bit of software to download call the - Áutodesk Desktop Connector


This will create a path on you local drive that links directly to the BIM 360 Cloud Project.

Having this in place allows you to link the .rvt files to a static path and thus allows for the cloud collaboration in Revit.


Hope that helps.





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