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Linking separate A360 C4R Projects

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Linking separate A360 C4R Projects



Is there a way to Link separate A360 C4R projects together?


We currently have two project teams working on separate buildings on A360.

We want to keep the two projects separate but link them together using another C4R project.


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It is possible to link files in C4R, however, it is only available if both models are saved within the same cloud project. Different models saved in the same folder can be linked to one another, however, the project will not receive a link from a model of another cloud.


Say, for example, you are creating a Basketball court with team A, saved under the Hub "Sports". From team B, you receive a project topography from a Hub called "Outdoors", and it contemplates the space where the basketball court goes. The only way to link the court to the topography (or viceversa), is to download the court, and load it into Hub B (Outdoors), so it can be linked.

Coordinates will matter for location, so this also may result tricky to perform, unless both projects were started with a similar template, which would greatly simplify unification of both. For more information, we have the article "Link one model to another", available >HERE<.

Dan Faba
Autodesk Revit Technical Support

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