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Linking DWGs from SUrveyors or Civil

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Linking DWGs from SUrveyors or Civil


Is there a good workflow for linking survey or civil DWGs into projects that provides reliable display of linework that does not require manipulating the origin of the DWG and exploding any blocks in those files that also have origins often located far away? 


Every survey or civil drawing I have ever had to use in revit for the past 10 years requires so much manipulation in AutoCAD and it means that there is no quick way to swap them out with updated versions. This is such a common workflow in every project and yet it seems fundamentally flawed and puts all the onus on the Revit side. Is there a way that DWGs can be prepared where the origins of all the blocks used can be reset to conform to the limitations of Revit's alternate geometry? Or must I continue to spend ages trying to explode everything in huge AutoCAD drawings for the next 10 years? Thanks!

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Thank you for your post.  In this case you can import the civil topo surface to then draw on top of within Revit.  This toposurface would be created from the civil software as a dwg to then be imported over and leveraged within the Revit interface.  I have included a helpful link below with details on this coordination.  I hope this helps.


Import Civil surface into Revit:


For additional Reference,


Importing and Linking CAD Files:


Shared Positioning:

Michael Bussiere II
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Thanks for your reply Michael, but I am not talking about the generation of topography, nor importing anything (something we avoid like the plague with AutoCAD drawings).


I am referring to linking the overall civil or surveyor drawings with all sorts of information in addition to topogrpahy. The question relates to linking large autocad drawings for general coordination that can be swapped out automatically as we receive revised drawings without having to alter the origin or (especially) explode all of the blocks and hatching in the cad to link them effectively to Revit without losing information or making them behave erratically.


Most surveyors or civil engs don't know much about revit and they use origins a long way away and don't redefine their blocks for each drawing - and Revit is kind of useless at dealing with these challenges, so I was wondering what Autodesk would recommend as an appropriate work-flow to keep the process automated and painless.


Thanks again,



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