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Linked Model(s) Dissapears in Rotated Sections

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Linked Model(s) Dissapears in Rotated Sections

So here is the situation, I'm working on creating a common rack system for the building systems in a hospital I'm working on. Some of the racks will be pre-built to specific dimensions in accordance with our coordinated BIM and so I've created a section that shows the walls, steel, and Revit based building systems (electrical and fire protection are using AutoCAD based models so I can't view them properly in the section and leave them out). Once I had the visibility settings set, I cropped the view so that I can see the floor, ceiling, rack and deck above. In the interest of not having to setup the view crop for each of the 100+ sections, I copied the section marker. After the first few sections, every section there after does not show the architectural or structural models (only the mechanical and plumbing systems show which are done in-house but in separate linked models). After checking everything I can find, I have found that apparently rotating the section is the catalyst for the change. The architectural and structural models disappear at different angles, and for the architectural model having the view crop active changes what that angle is.


With crop view active:

67 degrees clockwise - architecture disappears

69 degrees clockwise - structure disappears

122 degrees counterclockwise - architecture disappears

125 degrees counter clockwise - structure disappears


With crop view DEACTIVATED

69 degrees - structural disappears

76 degrees - architectural disappears

126 degrees counterclockwise - structure disappears

143 degrees counterclockwise - architecture disappears


It does appear that rotation beyond these points makes the model(s) disappear, however flipping the section allow them to show back up. However, the minimum area affected is just over 180 degrees (67 + 122 = 189 degrees) so it maybe that the exact angle required for a section may not work.


At this point I will create two sections, one plan N/S the other plan E/W and copy those since those are the only two directions I need. Regardless of my personal workaround I wanted to post this to the forum to see if anyone else has experienced this problem and hopefully bring it to Autodesk's attention to fix (my expectations are not high) this rather obscure but highly annoying bug.


If you would like additional information please respond to this post and I will attempt to provide any information I can. Thank you very much.

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in reply to: robert.glover

Hi Robert,


It certainly sounds annoying. I had a similar issue, howbeit mine sounds more simple.


I found I was having issues with the 'Far Clipping' / ever since then I always have mine set to 'Clip with line' and my models don't seem to be disappearing.


Let me know what you find.



Alex C
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in reply to: aclothier

Far Clipping setting does appear to be related. With No Clip and Clip Without Line the models are visible but don't show the way I want. With Clip With Line they disappear. Not sure how it's all related but I'm sure the R&D guys can have fun figuring it out. As usual we'll find a workaround:


Use "Clip Without Line" and draw in the needed lines if needed. Not the greatest workaround but easy enough I suppose.

Good call aclothier.




Welcome to Advanced Revit, where "Workaround" is not just our motto, it's our way of life! Love you Autodesk, but can I come be part of a think tank on ways to improve Revit and Navisworks? PLEASE! We can make 2019 an amazing release! (2018 is already too far into development to do anything about).

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