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Linked Model queing?

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Linked Model queing?

We are experiencing inconsistent opening times between users for our workshared models.


Central files on Revit Server 2015
Version Revit 2015 models.
Models from 100 to 200mb in size.
Multiple workshared models linked into eachother.

Opening times vary from 15mins to 65mins.


Does Revit apply the same 'Queing' methods when trying to load a linked model that it does with 'Save to Central'?
My suspician is that it takes a long time to open a model if multiple users are trying to load the same set of linked files when they open there local copy?


Can anyone confirm this is how revit behaves with linked models?

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We have procedures for SwC and linked files.


First of all, all linked files coming from outside people must be purged of all families and unecessary views.  We use Etransmit for doing that and try to make the consultants do that before sending us the drawings.


We try not to have any dwg in our files.


Is there any dwg links?


Watch your worksharing monitor so not 2 people SwC at the same time.


How long it was since the last SwC?


We try also to restart the computers each day, this might help.


Eric Bernier

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in reply to: eric_bernier

My question is not concerning models from external sources. They are our models, its a multidiscpline environment so Mech must have Arch & Struc models linked in etc...


There are no DWG files linked.


My question relates purely to the time taken to open a model which has several links loaded.


Does Revit apply the same 'Queing' methods when trying to load a linked model that it does with 'Save to Central'?

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