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Linked IFC Models Dissapearing

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Linked IFC Models Dissapearing



We're MEP engineers that have a worksharing enabled Revit 2015 project which has an architectural Revit model and two .IFC files from the steel work fabricator (assuming exported from Tekla) linked in. One structural IFC for the ground and first floors, and one for the floors above.


Other than initial problems with the coord systems being different, we were able to work with the IFC's without much trouble. That is until a week ago when I could no longer see the ground and first floor structural IFC model in any view type even though two of my colleagues still could, even when we had the same views open. So it's definitely not a graphical issue. As of yesterday only one colleague is able see the lower structural model.


We are all using the same version of Revit with the same updates and add-ins.


If I try to run an interference check within Revit on the missing IFC file, I can select the file in the "Categories from" pull down but it shows no categories available for checking. The colleague that can still see it, see's all the categories present in the model.


All models are visible and their categories are available for clashing in both Navisworks and BIM 360 Glue for all users.


The .IFC file causing us the problem is 5mb. the Revit cache file it creates is 8mb


We've tried:

  • The obvious graphical overrides (before we figured out that the categories were unavailable in the interference check)
  • Reloading the missing IFC
  • Auditing our model.
  • Detaching our model, removing all links, purging the model and re linking it. Still not visible.
  • Auditing and purging the cache Revit file created when we linked the IFC files.
  • Starting a new model and linking the IFC in. It shows in the manage links dialogue box but no geometry shows up. When my colleague does the same, it imports as you would expect it to.

So to recap. All three users could initially see all models linked into our Revit file. Two weeks later, I lost one of the linked IFC files even though it was still showing up in the manage links dialogue box. A week after that, a second person lost the same IFC file. One guy can still see it (for now).


Any ideas? 

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in reply to: PaulSmithard

The Plot thickens. We tried copying the IFC to a different network location and reloading it from the new location.

Now the two of us that couldn't see the IFC before can, and the one guy that could see it, can't....
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in reply to: PaulSmithard

Do you know if the link was made by browsing a UNC path or a mapped network drive?


I've seen issues in the past where one person creates a central model using a mapped network drive, and then others try to create a local by browsing to a UNC path, and the central file sees the UNC path as different from the mapped drive.


If some people have mapped network drives (especially if there is inconsistency with the driver lettering), then you could see someone reloading it from a location others don't have access to.


Additionally, when you link an IFC file it creates that Revit cache that you mentioned, and that adds an additional layer of complexity. If you open the IFC and save it as a Revit model and link the Revit model, do you see similar behavior or does it work as expected?

Lance Coffey

Technical Support Specialist
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That's got it thanks.


It's not the drive mapping issue as we all have a login script to force our drive mapping (after suffering that issue with models in the past).


The stand alone Revit file created from the IFC works as expected. We did have to accept a couple of errors regarding "very short segments that can't be fixed" but it certainly seems to be the complete model.

So although it's an extra step in our workflow, creating a Revit model from the .IFC file and linking that into our models seems to be the more stable solution.


Thanks again. 


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