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Linked files unloading themselves after save to central

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Linked files unloading themselves after save to central

Without warning one day, 2 of my 7 Revit links unloaded themselves after a save to central. All of our linked Revit files are detached and saved as their own centrals when we receive them. All the links reside in the same folder on the server. I am working from a laptop with a local login. Doing a Reload did nothing, literally. Reload From... had to be used to load the links again. This continued for several days as we troubleshot the problem. A Remove was not tried. We first thought it was a pathing issue since these two links were pathed locally and the other links used the network path. 


The fix we found was to open the linked file and make any change to it and then save it to central and exit. Then when we went to our main Revit file and a Reload worked. The file does not unload itself anymore. We are thinking that some action was performed on the server overnight that caused an issue with the pathed saved locations of these two files and making a small change and saving them again created a new, correct path link in Windows for the server.

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Thank you. I found the linked path was the problem.

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Hi, One reason for that could be the Desktop connector version if you are working on the cloud sharing platform. I was having same issue, but get resolved after I updated my desktop connector version to the latest available. Thanks.

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