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linked dwg files

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linked dwg files

We have a Revit project with a central file located in the BIM 360 Team platform... accessed by 2 locations in our company. We have CAD dwgs that we would like to link in and located in BIM 360 project file. We have uploaded those dwg files including the linked xrefs. They are showing on the online site and in our desktop connectors. 


We have one person link those files into the project using the BIM 360 path. If someone else opens up that project they get warnings that the paths are not found. That user can go into the Manage Links tool and reload the linked files and it then says they are found. But the plans with the linked files do not show the dwgs. I can cross fence the plan and it will show the plan in then filter list but the plans do not show. 


What are we doing wrong?


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