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Lighting Analysis

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Lighting Analysis

I download the pluging to get lighting analysis but my interface is different to the tutorials, I don´t have the run analysis and the generete results tools, so it´s to difficult for me understand the process, I hope yo could help me, 


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Dear Estrella, 


Thanks for your forum post.


Please, try to do the following steps and let me know, if it has worked for you:

  1. Set project Location in Manage > Location
  2. Go to Ribbon > Analyze > Lighting > Scroll down to “Update”
  3. Click on the Update and Continue to run analysis
  4. Select Study Settings and click on "Start Analysis" when you are ready with your settings
  5. Revit will report that your "Model is uploading, do not close the project until the data is uploaded." > Cilck OK.
  6. Revit will report that "Daylighting analysis is uploaded and running in the cloud. You can keep working while it runs in the background. Notification will appear when the analysis is complete." > Click OK.
  7. Accept the results.
  8. Go to Ribbon > Analyze > Lighting > Lighting in order to generate report from the most recent Lighting analysis

This should work for your project as well, but please, feel free to let me know, if there is an issue with the procedure. In this case please, let me know at which point the process stops and send me a screenshot with the error messag(es) in case something goes wrong.


I hope this information was helpful.

Please, let users know if it has worked for you, use the "Accept as Solution" button to do so.


Best regards,

Zsolt Varga
Technical Support Specialist
Autodesk, Inc.

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in reply to: Anonymous



I have the same problem that I don't see "Generate Result" button from my Analyze ribbon. And when I scroll down "Lighting," I only got "Lighting" and "New". There is no "Update" as suggested. 


I did run the analysis on Cloud and got the schedule and one set of graphics showing 3pm result. How can I also get a 9am graphic result for LEED submission?


Thanks for your help in advance. 



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