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Issues when preparing file for viewing

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Issues when preparing file for viewing

We are currently using Collaboration for Revit on a big project and it's been working great until afew days ago.


When I'm publishing the views to the cloud from Revit everything seems to be ok, until I try to open the model in BIM360 team.. Then I get thi error message: "Sorry. We have encountered some issues when preparing file for viewing. Please contact support for assistance"


I have tried to download the Revit file from BIM360 team and uploaded it into the autodesk online viewer and then everything works fine.


Do you have a solution for this?


We really need this to start working as soon as possible.


Best regards

Marius Alnes







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in reply to: mariusaln

Have you tried to republish the model from the manage cloud models dialog?  It likely needs to have a new translation attempt as the model seems fine (if you can download and reupload with no issues).



Adam Peter
Customer Program Manager
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in reply to: AdamPeter

Hello Adam Peter and thank you for your fast reply.


Yes, I have republished the model many times, also with different views, but it always give me this error when I'm trying to view the model through BIM360 Team.


I see that you are actually a member of this project, since you have been helping us with some other issues in the past. Is it possible that you could look into this problem? We really need this part up and running fast.





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in reply to: mariusaln

An little update on this issue.


Autodesk though this problem could have been caused by a Revit link in the project, and for now it seems like they are totally right. 


I unloaded the links and published my model to BIM360, and the model are viewing correctly now. I have kept adding my linked Revit files one by one and published the model, and I haven't got a error so far. Still have a few links to check, but I'm happy 🙂


Thanks to Adam Peter for excellent support!

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