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Is there any way to skip the upgrading of link files in Revit?

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Is there any way to skip the upgrading of link files in Revit?

Hi Guys,


Is there any way to skip the upgrading (Revit – 2016 to Revit – 2017) of link files in Revit?


Today I opened a quite big project which has lot of Revit Links. It takes lot of time to upgrade the linked files.

But ultimately, it’s not use full, because it cannot be updated to the link files.


Attached screenshots for your kind review.


Please advise...,

Radish G
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I take you want to be able to select whether to upgrade the Links or not?


You have a few options here.

1. Use Etransmit and NOT select Linked files,

2. Use Specify Workset option (hopefully they have put Links on the separate Link Worksets. Close those. as a matter or fact, just close all and files will upgrade somewhat faster)

3. If you forgot 2 above, when you see the Green bar at the bottom of the screen showing the upgrade process, Click Cancel. You will have to do this multiple times for each link. (not ideal)


Hope this answers you question. If so please do not forget to accept it as a solution





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in reply to: Anonymous

HI Nauman,


Thanks a lot for your time and info.

Radish G
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in reply to: Radish_G

I am glad I was able to answer your question. I would also recommend that prior to UPGRADING , open the model in 2016 with the AUDIT option. This also helps in the upgraded project and reduces upgrade issue if there are some elements that are needed repair.


The other item to be aware of is that the TEXT WILL BE DIFFERENT in 2017 file. This is due to the change made to the Text engine in 2017.


BIMologist / Dr. Revit
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