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Insert View from file - A360 Collaborate files

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Insert View from file - A360 Collaborate files

When using C4R we are not able to insert content from views that are on A360. Is there a work around for this? I know you could download the project to your computer but this would be a waste of time. 

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in reply to: andrewrider

I understand that you are trying to insert views from a file hosted on A360, but do not see those as location options in the dialog. This is a current limitation of A360 that development is aware of and is looking into ways of addressing. As you pointed out the only work-a-round is to create a copy of the file you wish to insert views from either on a regular network share, or on the local drive, and insert the views from there.


I wish I could offer more but unfortunately I cannot. I have however attached your case to the internally logged development case. Please let me know if you have additional questions or comments and thanks for posting. 

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in reply to: alan.quinn


Any update on this yet?


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in reply to: robert.spink

Any updates on this Autodesk team?

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in reply to: alan.quinn

IMHO, this basic A360-A360 view insert capability is overdue...

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in reply to: EricSSchulz

The new Desktop connector application might be a way to accomplish this....Although right now it looks like you are only able to insert from items that have been published to your BIM360 Team site. So still no direct connection to the C4R project files but its better than what we had before. 

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in reply to: andrewrider

For the immediate term, we are simply:

1. Opening both A360 Projects in the same session.
2. Creating blank views in the destination project that are similar to the ones desired from the source project
3. Copy / pasting vector / text / 2D elements between files
Low tech and fast for now...
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in reply to: alan.quinn

Has this been fixed yet on either C4R or BIM 360?

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Very Low tech as i have multiple legends that i would like to pull across at once

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in reply to: andrewrider

How do you insert from a published file?

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in reply to: alan.quinn

You will be able to do this using BIM 360 connector 

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