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Initiating Model to Collaboration hangs

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Initiating Model to Collaboration hangs

I've searched other similar threads but cannot figure this out. It's only with Revit 2018. When I initiate the Collaborate in Cloud tool, it gives me the option for BIM 360 Design or Document Management. No matter which option I choose, the dialog disappears and Revit hangs. I thought the dialog box was going behind the Revit interface, but so far that doesn't seem like the case - I'll make Revit very small and nothing. I have to manually End Task every time and it has only begin happening recently. Any ideas? Thanks in advance. 



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Hello @tzframpton ,


Does this happen immediately after selecting the type of cloud collaboration and hitting 'ok'?  Is it possible the Dialog box has gone off-screen?  To see if this is the issue:

If pressing escape doesn't help, it looks like Revit may be hung up searching your account to see what projects you have access to. The following may help see where the problem is:

  • Were you added to any new projects or hubs recently?
  • Do others in the office with the same projects/hubs have this issue?
  • Try logging out of Revit, and back in (The upper left where your username is should allow you to do this) to see if there may be some sort of sign in issue.

If none of the above helps, I'd like to see a journal file if you can post one, this will tell us what Revit might be attempting to load/check when hung up: Revit: Location of journal files | Revit Products | Autodesk Knowledge Network 

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Hello @tzframpton ,


I wanted to check in and see if you had any questions about my last post. Feel free to select "Accept solution" if the information was helpful (This allows other users with the same issues to find it higher in search results), or reply back if you need more help!

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I still need assistance. I will try and upload my journal file soon. It's definitely not a dialog box behind a Window problem - it's something else entirely. I will follow up. 



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Hello @tzframpton ,


I wanted to check to see if you needed any help finding/uploading that journal file. If you need a private link to upload it to, let me know and I can PM you one! 

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