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Import of Landxml Data and getting Correct Site Cooridnates from imported Topo

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Import of Landxml Data and getting Correct Site Cooridnates from imported Topo



I have been attempting to import at LandXML file in Site Designer that was provided to me by our Civil Engineer. The Civil Engineer said he included benchmark points that we discussed in the file for me to tie my project to. The topo surface imports but is nowhere near the project base point and therefore when I try to add in my building it is nowhere near the site topo.


If I use origin to origin to import the surface into my Site model it puts the toposurface in its real world coordinates within the model (at elevation 5338 and way off in space away from the project base & survey points.) This never seems to happen in all the videos I have watched from AU and online. Is this something I am doing wrong or something wrong with how the LandXML file?


If I try to import the AutoCAD TIN surface the Civil engineer created for me, I get these two warnings and nothing imports: "Some Elements Lost During Import Active X and some proprietary components cannot be imported." and "Import detected no valid elements in model space. Do you want to import from paper space?"


The only way I know to get my Project Base point to the site is by trying to drag and recenter it until I have it close to the toposurface. How can I get my coordinates to match up?


Attached the xml file. Any help is greatly appreciated.





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