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Import IFC issue

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Import IFC issue



We are currently having issues with importing IFC models that have been exported from Microstation acosim. When we insert the microstation IFC into the Revit project via Manage link, the IFC will show the solid cut outs (openings elements) that the microstation user has used to cut out elements from solid extrusions.  We tested the IFCs in Tekla and Solibri to see if the opening elements showed up, they did not.





  • We checked Tekla and Solibri to see if they also showed the opening elements, but the models were clean.
  • Secondly we suspected it may have been a Microstation AECOsim issue so we went to Bentley with the issue and they responded as follows:


"We discussed this issue here and examined both the Solibri and AECOsim files and at first I thought it might have to do with a perforator which could possibly be turned off as a Construction element, but there really is none in the model.  There are no options in the IFC export to turn off any levels or perforators for that matter.  Since the model is displaying correctly in Solibri viewer, but not in Revit, Revit would need to look further into it to see what could be done to correct the problem".


  • The third option was to use the open IFC option in  Revit. This removed the opening elements but did not give use the freedom to sync and update the IFC as the project progressed.
  • Second to the third option we used the open IFC option in Revit  and saved the project out, then opened a new project and used the link manage option to bring in the IFC.  This process is time consuming.


Current Process:

Currently to hide the opening elements we have to select the "visibility graphic" option,  then select " Revit Link" select display settings "custom" and then untick Generic "opening elements. 



What we want is the IFC to come in clean with no opening elements showing and the ability to sync and update date the IFC at regular periods.


Any solutions or ideas would be great.


I have attached practice IFC  FYI.




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in reply to: simon_garth

Hello @simon_garth


Thank you for your posting. This has been reported to our Development team, and team are working on this. 


Meanwhile, as you mentioned, a workaround will be unchecking the Generic Models from the view.



Please let me know if you have any more questions. 

Yuri Kim
Product Support Specialist, AEC

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