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IFC, Materials and different IFC viewers

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IFC, Materials and different IFC viewers

An IFC 2.x exported Revit model. Customer opens this IFC file in Solibri Model Checker and finds a lot of elements without Material. For example, roof A shows the assigned material on tab Identification. Roof B doesn't. When I open the same IFC file in Navisworks 2018, it shows the Material of both roofs. The same for a lot of other elements having no Material in Solibri, but do have in Navisworks. So it looks like the IFC file is correct, but not all viewers agree with that. What is your experience with different IFC viewers?

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in reply to: Simon_Weel

Hi @Simon_Weel


Try also BimVision and FZKViewer

Rafal Gaweda

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