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How to use “External Resource” while link a Revit project?

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How to use “External Resource” while link a Revit project?

Hi Guys,


How to use “External Resource” while link a Revit project file into the current project. Will this help to link the Revit project file parked in NAS (Network Attached Storage)?


I attached the screenshot for your review. Please give me some guidelines & advise.


Thanks in advance.

Radish G.

Radish G
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No. The "External Resources" is used by add-ins like "Collaboration for Revit".




Lars-Ake Johansson
Sr. SQA Engineer
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Hi Lars-Ake Johansson,


Noted, by means of this, am I able to open or link the Revit project file which is parked in a NAS?

Thanks a lot for your time and support.

Radish G
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in reply to: lars-ake.johansson



we are currently running 1 model on C4R. 

there are another 5 models that the team are working on our local servers.


In 'manage links', we are trying to the C4R model, however the External Resource Folder appears to be empty.


are we missing a step ?

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in reply to: bheng

Hi @bheng,


Are you using A360/BIM 360?

If yes, then you will see a A360 or BIM 360 shortcut in the open dialog box. Click that icon and Autodesk will ask you to log in to your A360 or BIM 360 account. And now, you should able to see your project file, which is parked in Autodesk cloud server.


Attached screenshot for reference.

Radish G
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in reply to: bheng

I'm encountering the same issue.  My external resources folder is empty.  My project is parked in BIM 360, but when I open the file, the links cannot be found.  Does anyone know how to add the linked files in the External Resources folder?

Thanks in advance for all your help. 



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