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how to import dae file to revit or 3ds max ???

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how to import dae file to revit or 3ds max ???



i am in the middle of a situation which i can't find the solution to get out of. 

i had a project modeled in revit completely. and i exported it to dae. format to import it into lumion. 

but in the middle of that process i had the chance to change my laptop and unfortunately the revit file was lost in the process of transferring my data. 

right now i have only the DAE file. and i need to work again on the revit file. at least to extract some plans and some sections views. 


my question, is there any way i can import the dae file into revit, 3ds max or even autocad ? 


i imported the file in 3ds max but there were so many lines and i couldn't understand what is going on. 


thank you very much. 

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There are some options you may want to try, in the following order:

  • Import the DAE in Sketch-up and export a dwg/dxf or ifc. Only if you have the Sketch-up pro (not free).

      Link information part 1.1

      Link information part 1.2


  • You can use a free program like Blender to open the dae (or skp) file and convert it top FBX.

      Link information part 2.1


  • And the last option is to upload your dae model to the 3D warehouse of Sketch-up. For Revit there is the 3D warehouse add-in, what you can use to import the model into Revit.

     Link information part 3.1


If my post answers your question, please click the "Accept as Solution" button. This helps everyone find answers more quickly!

Best regards,
Josha van Reij
Arcadis NV
BIM manager

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in reply to: JvanReij

dear @JvanReij


first of all the sketchup move didn't work directly since the dae file was exported originally from revit so sketchup can not recognize it. 


however, i downloaded blender, imported the dae and exported dae again from blender and i was able to import it to sketchup then revit. 


thank you very much , you are a life savor. 


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