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How to import a component created on Fusion 360

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How to import a component created on Fusion 360

Hello, my students and I can't figure out how to export an object from Fusion 360 and then import it into Revit.


For example, one student designed a bench on Fusion 360, and wanted to import it into a park his teammate is designing on Revit. On Fusion, he exported it as a .sat file.  We then created a New Family on Revit 2016, using the "generic model" template.  We did "Insert"->"Import CAD file" and selected the .sat file, leaving all of the settings in the default (colors=preserve; layers=all; import units=auto-detect; positioning=auto; place at=Ref. Level; orient to view=checked; Correct lines that are slightly off axis=checked)


But it opened as a very coarse 2-D sketch, entirely losing all of its 3D attributes including the color/materials they'd applied in Fusion (and which looked great there) and even some of the 2D details.


Any advice on how to create usable components in Revit based on original designs we've created in Fusion 360?


- Fred


Fred Werner

Instructor, Build SF Institute, SF, CA

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Thank you for your posting @Anonymous


This geometry is in 3D in Revit family. From the Project Browser, please go to one of the 3D views to check.



When .SAT is imported, it might not bring Material properties. Please select the bench, and go to Properties. When you click on Material field, Material browser will pop up and you will be able to input the material.



Another thing to take note of is Detail level and Display Mode. If you want to see the model as rendering like, you might want to select "Realistic" mode.



If this family is loaded to a project, you have more options to render this, using ray trace or render/cloud rendering to visualize.



Also I found this video might be of help:


Hope this helps.

Yuri Kim
Product Support Specialist, AEC

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