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How do you tell where you're linked files are coming from

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How do you tell where you're linked files are coming from

Using 2019 BIM 360 Document Management I have one team that we originally had their models linked from the Project Team/Company folder instead of the consumed folder.  They've now decided that they want to use the publish and consume method.  So I've published my model and they've consumed the models and have gone back thru and used the reload from to point to their consumed folder.   However when you look in the link manager the File path doesn't seem to change.  

Is there a way to verify where that file is being loaded from? 

The file path just show that's it's on BIM360, not necessarily what folder it was in.

Thanks in advance!

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Unfortunately the full path of the linked cloud model is not shown inside Revit.


To make sure each team linked to their consumed folder instead of another team workspace, the Admin would need to set up folder permission correctly so that each team should not be able to access model in another team's space directly.


It's recommended that each root folder presents a team or company and only that team or company should be able to access it.
Refer to "Restrict Folders by Role or Company" in

Catherine Liu
Product Owner, Revit
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in reply to: catherineliu

I'll accept that solution, even thought it's not really a solution, but kind of a hacky work around.

Thanks You!

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