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How create local file with models in cloud (A360)?

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How create local file with models in cloud (A360)?

I have recently uploaded both of my models (parent/central + one linked file) to A360, using A360 BIM TEAM, inside Revit (collaborate tab -> Collaborate in cloud). I found out this is way better than uploading through assembly in A360 in the browser, because you do it inside Revit:


Collaborate Tab - New Functions.JPG


Now I'm able to see both of my models in A360 in the browser.

BUT since worksharing is enabled in my project, I would like to create a local file of the central model that is in the cloud. But I don't find any option for this. I can only open the Central model, but everybody knows when worksharing is enabled, each team user should work in a local file and synchronize it to the central model. BUT now that I think about that, there's no local file anymore, because the central file is in the cloud... So, every person of my team should work in the same central file? (going to OPEN -> BIM 360 TEAM -> selecting the HUB -> selecting the file and clicking OPEN button).






But how much this method (working in the cloud) changes the way worksharing works?

Imagine if I want to work in the project in my computer and simply don't want to transfer all changes I made to the central file... What should I do, since I can't create a local file? What's the function of the button "SAVE" now? I was used to click in SAVE everytime I wanted to save my changes to my local file, but didn't want to transfer them to the central model...


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You can only work on local files when cloud worksharing in C4R, we just obfuscated that complexity in the actual experience.  Just pick the model you want to work on, and we manage the local file for you, making sure it's "fresh" every time you open it.  A "save" operation is exactly what it is with on-premise worksharing; a save to the local file.


The one exception to the "always fresh local" behavior is if you save locally, but do not carry out a SWC before closing the model.  The next time you open, we ask if you want to work on the "stale" version of the local, so you don't lose any unsubmitted work.




Kyle Bernhardt
Building Design Strategy
Autodesk, Inc.

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Hey, Kyle, how are you?


I'm using C4R 2016 in trial mode. I don't think my company will afford the money to buy it now, so I will have to stay with the assembly option until then. How I disable my models in C4F? I mean, I need to get the latest version from the cloud and reverse to "local mode" (save it in my computer and works with central and local files per user).


But I really want to understand how C4F works, because I'll influence the leaders of my company to buy it ASAP...


I don't get what you told me...


"You can only work on local files when cloud worksharing in C4R" 

That's what I did, didn't I? My model was already with worksharing and worksets enabled, I had the central model and a local file which I was used to work in my machine. I simply selected "Collaborate in Cloud" option from the collaborate tab and sent my central model with it's linked models to my A360 Hub. But everytime I open my project inside Revit and click in the "BIM 360 TEAM" thumbnail in "Places/Favorites" (in the left side of the "open project..." window pop up), the option to create a local file is unavailable for me:





Are these files stored in the cloud? (not in the A360 hub, but in the cloud? I mean, are they also in my computer?)


"And we manage the local file for you" 

What do you mean? If I click right now in "save", it means I'm saving a LOCAL file, not the central? But all members working in the project are accessing the same file... If user "A" wants to draw a study, something that is not approved yet, for example, so he/she just doesn't want to reflect it in the central model (don't want other users see it, because is just a study, a design... He/she doesn't want to use the "design option" for it). They would like to save it in his own local file). So they should simply click in SAVE? Everytime he opens the file in his computer, will those changes be saved there? How is this possible if every member access (opens) the same file in their own computer? It doesn't make sense, what am I missing?

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Hi Allen,


While the central model does exist in the cloud, when you open the model we cache files locally and automatically to a set location, which means there is no longer a choice to create new local.  The software automatically does that for you.  So, when you open you are actually opening a local file and when you save you are saving it locally.  Then when you perform a SWC what you have local is pushed to the cloud and any changes others have made to the central model since your last sync update on  your local automatically. 


Hope this helps to clear things up.

Adam Peter
Customer Program Manager
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Thanks! Everything makes sense now... But if C4R does that automatically, when my trial version ends, how will I get the local files? Is there a way to access these files and copy and paste them? And all those backup files, where are they located?


The only "backup" files I can restore are the ones located in the list inside of "manage cloud models"? They're created every time I synchronize with central, right?


Manage cloud models.JPG


But does it mean they'll only be stored since I have enough space in my "A360 cloud" account? When I reach the available storage space, the old versions will be automatically erased?


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The "Manage Cloud Models" dialog is how  you would roll back to a previous version.  


If you want a local detached copy the easiest thing to do is to do a file->open and then, once opened, do a saveas on the model and pick your documents folder, desktop or some other location.  Again, this will create a detached copy that you can have moving forward once the trial expires.


As for A360 space one important thing to realize is that Collaboration for Revit is a different cloud service than BIM 360 Team.  The central model and it's versions are hosted in C4R and when you publish the model a detached copy is posted to the BIM360 Team project.  So, in theory you could be on version 10 when you look in the "Manage Cloud Models" dialog, but only be on version 2 or 3 when you look on your BIM 360 Team project page through a web browser depending on  how many times you published (this command is also found in the "Manage Cloud Models" dialog).  As for your BIM 360 Team storage limitation only the published version count toward your storage space.  So, if you have a 50MB model size that you have published 4 times you would be at 200MB toward your total storage size.  


Adam Peter
Customer Program Manager
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You should mention that after you do a save as you still need to go open that save as file and detach from central... Just doing save as still lets you sync your file so its definitely not creating a local file automatically like you describe.

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Downloading Central Model from BIM360 Team will place a versioned local copy (e.g. FileName(1)) in your Windows Downloads folder. This versioned copy can be used in addition to or in lieu of the hidden one Autodesk creates that is only discoverable through the application menus.

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in reply to: AdamPeter

hello adam,

i tried to save as a a360 mosdel to a local file but when we try to create a new local file in our network it is still need to log in into a360 is there possible that this can be a resolve/

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