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HELP! UNC path not working because files are being saved to drive letter

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HELP! UNC path not working because files are being saved to drive letter

Hello All,


I am a network admin for a Revit using company

I am having this issue with users using the same drawing on a network drive shared on a server. They are mapped to the drive using the same drive letter an path, but when Revit saves, it saves to the drive letter instead of the network path and theirfore will give a error when someone else tries to open the same drawing. Please help! I have not seen how to do this other than using Shortcuts which is a TERRIBLE band aid. Can revit not save via the UNC path instead of the drive letter?


Thanks again gents!



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Hi Adam

When multiple people work on the same model, the Central file typically gets saved on a network location. Each user should then make a copy of this file on their local hdd. When they then open this file, they will find the messages you showed. There is a link between the file on the network and the file on their local hdd. When they save, it saves a copy to the local drive.
They need to synchronize to save to the network location.

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CADPRO Systems
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this is caused by a user opening the Central file directly and not creating a new local file.

this usually occurs when a link needs to be updated.

if (1) user is responsible for managing all Revit models, they should follow the same procedures each time.

the user will need to do updates, then do a save as to update the Central Model, then Sync and Relinquish all mine.

close the central model.

the next user to open the central model should see this dialogue box.

Local FIle Automatic.PNG

the box Create New Local should be checked (default)


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