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Help collaborating Revit file to A360

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Help collaborating Revit file to A360

I am having trouble collaborating my Revit file on A360.  My boss subscribed to the C4R for 2 users myself included and sent me the invite to collaborate.  I installed the Collaborator to my desktop and it is showing up correctly in Revit.  I have signed into the A360 Team and can view the projects online but when I open Revit and try to Collaborate On A360 it gives me a warning saying "You can not use the option "Collaborate Unising A360" because you have not purchased the Collaboration for Autodesk Revit service."  We have purchased this but for some reason it is not allowing me access.  Is there any addtional steps I or my boss need to take to grant me access to this?


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your account adminsitrator needs to assign you a C4R license. Your account admin is the person in your firm assigned to do this, and is often the person who made the subscription purchase.  That person needs to go to, and find you in their list of named users. Once they have found you in the list, they can assign a C4R license to you by checking the C4R box next to your name.  After that, you should be able to access C4R from Revit.


 here's a link to the autodesk Knowledge Network with a more detailed "getting started" list:

Scott D Davis
Sr AEC Technical Specialist

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