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Graphics Display of A360 Models

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Graphics Display of A360 Models

Is there a way to have graphics display settings saved in your Revit project control how the project looks when published to A360?


For instance, in my working project I have linked models I use for reference set to underlay.   This is in my default 3D view.  After a publish all modeled geometry, regardless of it being mine or from linked models, appears the same in the online 3D view.  How I've gotten mine to visually stand out is by changing the color to something that crazy stands out.  However, I prefer for what's on A360 to look visually like how it's viewed in Revit -- linked models looking like an underlay. 

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Sounds like a great idea to send to ideaStation! Very cool idea
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The Web Viewer technology does support transparency, but currently our translation pipeline doesn't capture the Underlay settings in a translated Revit View, so you don't get the desired effect.  I'll add this request to th backlog item we have.


Can you, or others on the thread, articulate a scenario where this capability would be useful for you?  Why do you need it, and what does it allow you to accomplish?  I have hyptotheses on my end, but it's always good to validate them with customers like yourself.



Kyle Bernhardt
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Thanks to everyone for your responses. 


To answer your question, KyleB -- I'm producing shop drawings for a glazing subcontractor.  Architectural & structural models from the architectural team are linked into my project for reference only.  For the modeling team, our scope stands out when we adjust V/G settings of linked models to underlay.  For non-Revit users, the A360 cloud carrying through the underlay settings for my client's team -- project managers, estimators, fabrication team, etc. -- would be helpful for them to easily identify shop drawing progress or where our scope occurs in relation to the rest of the building.


Thank you for sharing that transparency is possible.  I will have to think further on how we might implement this.  It's quick & easy to checkmark "Underlay" on the Revit Links tab. 




-- Clara


P.S. I must add I appreciate you extracting information here for what users are trying to achieve!  Smiley Happy

"A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools."

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