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Google Cardboard VR

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Google Cardboard VR

There is a great way to share Multiple VR 360 scenes without having to take google cardboard off. It is called  INSTA VR.

You are able to look at a “hotspot”, if you stare at it for long enough it teleports you to the next VR scene.


This is ideal as it means a client can navigate to “the kitchen” or by staring at a staircase navigate to the “floor above”. You can navigate around an environment very easily without the need for buttons or remotes.


The only problem is that INSTAVR generates an Application. It is not user friendly to ask clients to install a custom app.


Has anyone one got an easy way to share multiple -360 VR experiences with “hotspots”  but  with an easily shareable  HTML link?


Thanks in advance.


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