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I am managing a large project that will require 25 models (due to USACE BIM standard).  This project must use a georeferenced civil drawing developed in Autodesk Civil 3D.  I am using Revit 2016.


Since I am new to this process, I had the Civil designed place a point near the centroid of the project simply for my use in verifying that I am placing the link properly in Revit.  This point has nice round coordinates e.g. 8000000, 6000000 and an elevation of 15 feet.  (This project is not in the continental United States.


I linked the drawing using Auto - Center to Center alignment.  The I acquired the coordinates of the link.  So far, so good.  Then, I modified the location of the survey point and the project location point to have the same coordinates as the point I described in my second paragraph.  Everything aligned as expected, so I felt confident in continuing.  I repeated the same process successfully on four more models without any difficulty.  I linked all four models together and everything aligned as desired and expected.


Then I began working on the next model.  I linked the Civil 3D drawing as I did previously.  However, when I adjust the survey point and project location point, they do not align with the point in the Civil 3D drawing.  When I link the four models that I created successfully, they do not align properly.


What am I missing?  Am I going about this all wrong?  Should I even be adjusting these points?


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