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Formula to use different family types

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Formula to use different family types



I currently have 2 families which I want to make into one, either by putting both parts into a new family, or one into the other. One family is a flange and the other a pipe. When the pipe changes diameter i'd like the specific flange to be called for the pipe size.


Is it possible to use a nested if statement using the family parameters or something similar? 

Or could I tie the Pipe diameter parameter to the flange family types?


Any Ideas and suggestions are much appretiated! 



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the pipe flange diameter should by default take on the size of the pipe.  You can nest the pipe flange into the pipe family and align/lock accordingly.  Associate the parameters if necessary.

Dzan Ta, AEE, ASM, ACI.


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In a family for a box I have a formula to select two different plates to cover the same backbox under two different mounting conditions (surface or flush). The box family has three type-driven formulas that select one backbox and two plates appropriate for the box type (size, shape and application). An instance-driven yes/no parameter formula selects which plate to use for the condition. Everything works great - no errors - except that when placed in the model, the correct backbox appears with a completely different plate on it. It's not related to the box type at all. The properties show the wrong plate in the parameter as the result. It's greyed out as one would expect for the result of a formula. 

I once read that a previous value can block a formula, which might explain the bad plate appearing.

I can't load more than three images. The fourth is the 150 x 150 plate in the properties as the family appears in the model.



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