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Floor plan and RCP views

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Floor plan and RCP views

The floor plan views and RCP views from the linked architect's files are not displaying in my file. Architect and consultants (I am the lighting consultant) are all using BIM360 with Cloud shared/linked files. How can I get the architect's floor plan views and RCP views to display in my model file?

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Hi Jorge,
If I am not mistaken you have to go to download those files, then go to
MANAGE tab and link the Floor Plan and RCP. Hope this helps your question
is a bit confusing but hopefully this will help you or get you closer.
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in reply to: 708Designs

You are mistaken. That workflow would break the live link, if that’s what’s intended.


OP, is this a visibility problem within Revit or do you have a firm grasp of your visibility settings within Revit and your having trouble getting the files linked properly?

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