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First BIM360 Structural Project Advice

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First BIM360 Structural Project Advice

Hi Revit Gurus


I am a newly graduated draughtsman specializing in Revit Structural. I am currently trying to work freelance while seeking permanent employment. I am not affiliated with or working for any company at present.


I have recently landed my first Revit Structural Job/Project utilizing BIM360. The project is the refurbishment of an existing hotel. My role is to take the structural engineer's CAD drawings and model the structural elements in Revit (as a structural workset) and to then sync my model and changes with the rest of the team using BIM360.


My problem is that I would need subscriptions for both the AEC collection and BIM360 design in order to do this. I am not sure whether my pay for this project would even cover the subscriptions, let alone net me a profit. The actual structural modelling might take me a day or two and I can't charge $300+ for a single day's work, especially when followup work is not guaranteed. It seems I will most definitely be working at a loss or, in the best case, barely be breaking even.


Another issue I have is that I am struggling to find online resources outlining the processes and exactly what is required to be able to collaborate on a renovations/refurbishment project using BIM360 (or any information on BIM360 at all for that matter). I have been doing copious hours of research and I still have no clear idea of how I should be going about utilizing BIM360 for structural alterations. The only way to figure this out would be to have hands-on experience with BIM360 which is only possible if I subscribe to both Revit and BIM360 design. The catch 22 is that I would need to get acquainted with the software in order to determine whether I would be able to do the project in order to pay for my subscriptions.


Should I turn down this project? Is there any alternative solution besides paying $300+ upfront for a single month's subscription to Revit, AutoCAD and BIM360? How are new graduates or freelancers supposed to get a foot in the door when half our income goes towards software subscriptions? Am I correct in assuming I need Revit (Revit LT does not seem to support the required features), AutoCAD (AutoCAD LT does not support the required features) and BIM360 design for this project?


The actual work seems very straightforward and I am a highly competent Revit user, however the logistics and Autodesk's services, dependencies, subscriptions and general modular structure is making this overly complicated in my opinion. It seemed so basic at first glance or until I learnt what the actual process would entail that is. As I was saying, the work (which should be the main concern) seems easy enough.


I have been using educational licences thus far and have hit a brick wall (no pun intended). Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Apologies for the long post.





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