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External Resource Disabled

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External Resource Disabled

i have a user who just bough Collaborate Pro for a Revit 2022.

he was able to collaborate his models in the Cloud, but when he is managing his links. the moment he clicks on Add Link it give the follow message 


External Resource Disabled


Using an external resource server for this function is not supported. Select a local or network Location


I was able to open his cloud model on my revit and add links. and then from his side, Revit is able to read these added links from the external server but he can't add neither do reload from. we dont see anywhere the external server folder/icon on his popup windows.


he disabled his Antivirus, we made sure he doesn't run revit as admin, i renamed his addin folder to start revit with any addin and we still not able to fix his issue. he have Revit 2022.1.2


any idea how to enable the external Resource option on his computer


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Hi Alaaeldin.Alsahli.


Let me confirm: the user sees the error message after clicking Manage Links, and there is no way for the user to add links to the model. After you successfully add a link using your Revit, the user can see the link in the model using their Revit, but they can't reload it. Is this all correct?


Please send a copy of a Revit journal covering the appearance of the error message; that will help me determine what the issue is. Thanks!


Kevin Short
Senior Product Owner
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exactly. after the error message he doesn't see the external server folder or the icon to link it. But Revit still able to read them if i link them in his central cloud model.

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i will contact him tomorrow to provide you the journal file

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here is the attached journal file.

and here the warning message


Jrn.PushButton "Page , Manage Links , Dialog_Revit_LinkedRvt" _
, "Reload From..., Control_Revit_FindLinkWorkset"
' 0:< Initialize AFileNavDialog
' 0:< Navigating to file: 12104_ES_ARCH.rvt arg1: 1
'C 31-May-2022 09:12:20.038; DBG_WARN: doesn't have external resource view: line 177 of E:\Ship\2022_px64\Source\Revit\RevitMFC\Dialog\ExternalResourceNavigator.cpp.
' 0:< TaskDialog "Using an external resource server for this function is not supported. Select a local or network location."
'Id : TaskDialog_External_Resource_Disabled
'CommonButtons : Close
'DefaultButton : Close
'H 31-May-2022 09:12:31.641; 0:<

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Is the customer running Revit as an administrator?  If so, have them check to see if the problem still happens when they run Revit normally.  See this article for more information.
Please let me know how it goes. There are other things to try if that doesn't work.

Kevin Short
Senior Product Owner
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thanks the response but i already mentioned all the steps i did in my first message. i did all the steps that found in the knowledge base documents.

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Hi Alaaeldin.Alsahli.


One thing you can try is exporting (to backup) and then deleting the registry location where the "places" list is stored.

For example:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Autodesk\Revit\Autodesk Revit 2022\Profiles.


Delete the entire Profiles registry directory. Then re-launch Revit and see if the behavior persists.


(Note: if needed, you can re-import the registry export, to return to the the previous settings.)


Kevin Short
Senior Product Owner
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it didn't fix the issue, i asked the user to reinstall his Revit, i'll keep you posted once he have time to do it and see what will be the outcome 

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Okay. Good luck!


Kevin Short
Senior Product Owner

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