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Exporting a dxf from revit to qgis

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Exporting a dxf from revit to qgis

I am not sure if this question belongs here, but I am having the hardest time figuring out if this is even possible, so if I can even be nudged in the right direction, it'd be the biggest help.

I currently have a bunch of building models in Revit, and basically all I want is to have them exported as DXF and imported into QGis witht he correct coordinates. No matter what I do, and how I try to work with survey and base point, all my files end up on Null Island. IS it even possible to have the files imported correctly into QGis? 

I don't have the option of choosing between shared or internal project when I export the revit files to dxf.


Hope I'm not completely off by posting here, and I hope someone can push me in the right direction.


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I'm not sure I understand the issue you're having. Are you having trouble exporting your models as DXF? Or is the DXF export working fine, but you're having trouble importing the DXF into QGIS?


Please let me know.


Kevin Short
Senior Product Owner
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I had issues opening the exported DXF file with the correct projection, but found out I was using a wrong software. Only the full Revit have the coordinate options, and I was using the Revit LT. So expensive, but I found the solution. Thanks for taking the time to ask further questions 🙂

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