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export IFC | material and void information

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export IFC | material and void information




I create an example in Revit 2016, some walls, windows, doors and slabs.

I export an IFC file with the app, but in the ifc file walls lose the information with IfcMaterialLayer (the thickness) and the relation with voids.

A colleague explain me that it seems that this issue is caused by connection beetween slabs and walls, and maybe if I try to unconnect the elements the information are correctly exported.


Below you can see an image of the file imported in Solibri Viewer: here you can see that the wall selected hasn’t the relation with the void and also the materials haven’t thickness.


In attachments I upload the revit file and I hope that you can give me some suggestion to find a workaround: I think that it isn’t correct to unconnect all the elements.



Can you help me to understand if there's a solution with this issue.




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